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MagicEzy – Revolutionizing fiberglass boat repairs

Most boat owners know that doing fiberglass boat repairs is a nightmare, even when using a fiberglass repair kit. Not anymore. MagicEzy has developed a range of world-first fiberglass repair products that repair and color damage in seconds. Unlike fiberglass repair kits, MagicEzy products are easy to use, and they also come in 11 popular boat colors.

The secret? The use of nano-technology and a patented, scientifically formulated paint technology that repairs fiberglass at a structural and cosmetic level. Fiberglass repairs can now be performed without any sanding, prep work, or messy mixing.  Easy water clean up.

MagicEzy products are perfect for all manner of fiberglass boat repairs. Hairline Cracks can be repaired using Hairline Fix. Chips, nicks and gouges use 9 Second Chip Fix. For jet skit damage, prime the surface with Mega Fusion.

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