Mega Fusion - Off White

MagicEzy Mega Fusion is a quality primer/sealant with ultra powerful absorption and adhesion properties. Use it to prime ‘difficult to repair’ surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, ceramic and fiberglass.
  • Extraordinary adhesion power
  • Penetrates deeply into pores
  • Strengthens weakened surfaces
  • Highly elastic to allow for structural movement
  • Easy, no mess, water clean-up


  • Off-White

Product suitability:

  • Not suitable for use without a top coat.
  • Water resistant: For ‘above the waterline’ use.
  • Do not use below 50°F/ 10°C

Recommended products:

For Fiberglass, Wood & Ceramic:

  • Chips, holes, medium cracks, deep scratches: Use MagicEzy 9 second chip fix,  plus MagicEzy Hairline fix for a high gloss finish.
  • Hairline cracks and crazing: Use MagicEzy Hairline fix

Tube size … 0.43 fl oz

Prices are FOB Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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