Nano-technology? October 02 2014

What is Nano-technology?

In the science world, the word nanometer (Nm) bases itself on the sizes of individual atoms where 1 Nm is a billionth (10-9) of a meter.

Most paint coatings are ground to the micron level (1 millionth of a meter). Nano-particles are thousands of times smaller. That is why they are used to engineer surface coatings like pigments and polymers at a molecular level.

Conventional coatings (without the use of nano-technology) have particles which have spaces between them that are large enough to allow dust, dirt and scratching.  Nano-particles on the other hand are so microscopic that they bond together so closely a type of film is formed which prevents anything from penetrating those particles.

The results?

MagicEzy products are;

  • UV resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Have structural grade adhesion
  • Are color stable
  • Multi-functional  -  fill, bond & color.

New color July 29 2014

AB WEST is pleased to announce the addition of Strawberry.  This color will be important for color matching for rotomoulded canoes, kayaks + snowmobiles and personal water craft

AB West announces CA distribution of MagicEzy products July 28 2014

In order to service our customers on the west coast with quicker delivery times we have opened AB West.  Located on Mesa Verde Drive East in Costa Mesa.

AB West will be responsible for all west coast sales and will be there to readily assist our trade customers with even quicker deliveries.  AB West will mean no long delivery delays coming from the east coast.  We will have a full inventory of all items in all 11 colors of the MagicEzy gelcoat and fiberglass repair products.